Online Scheduling

online scheduling

Current patients of Dr. Fuller may schedule a new session and view, update or cancel a future session. Please see instructions below. Click on the image below to login to Dr. Fuller’s Online Scheduling. Email Dr. Fuller ( to get your username and password.

Instructions for scheduling:

1. Login with your username and password provided by Dr. Fuller after the first visit. The login and password are case sensitive so please use only lowercase. If there is difficulty with login please notify Dr. Fuller by email. After successful login you may see all future appointments by selecting “Today’s Appointment.” To update, change or cancel click on the blue date and time of the scheduled appointment.

To Schedule a new appointment follow the instructions below.

2. Select the “schedule date” you want to have for the appointment and the “type of visit.” Type of visit will be couples or family, individual or therapy with a child or adolescent. Appointments will only be available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

3. Click “Find Open Time Slot.”

4. If Dr. Fuller has an opening on that day it will list a box that looks like the one below.

psyquel scheduling example

***THE TIMES LISTED ARE IN 15 MINUTE INCREMENTS. THE SCHEDULE SHOWS ALL AVAILABLE TIME THAT DAY. In the example above Dr. Fuller has from 9-10 am open and 11-12 pm open. Read about Fees and Hours.


5. Select a time on the hour or half-hour. If you select 9:30 please ensure that 9:45, 10, and 10:15 are open as well. To schedule a 90 minute session 10:30 and 10:45 must be available as well. Dr. Fuller schedules 60 and 90 minute sessions for Individuals, families and couples therapy and 45 minute sessions for teens and children.

6. On the next screen, click “Book It.”

7. If you have

a future appointment scheduled it will be displayed as above.

PLEASE contact Dr. Fuller if there are any problems with the scheduling site by email: or by phone or text at (832) 848-0870.

online scheduling





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