person icon people in spiral AMDr. Fuller integrates advances in neuroscience, family therapy, and compassion in creating a personalized treatment plan for each client. Therapy is highly individualized for the unique person, couple  and situation. Rather than focusing on problems, therapy with Dr. Fuller will tend to focus on strengths, growth and healing. Dr. Fuller’s patients describe her as warm, easy to talk to and a great listener. The science of the mind and relationships has advanced to where we now know what is most effective in helping clients achieve real and lasting change. Dr. Fuller utilzes state-of-the-art, evidenced-based practices and techniques to help her patients reach their goals and create deeper peace and greater joy in life.  
Dr. Fuller is a systemic therapist. This means she approaches therapy with a full awareness of how mental, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects may be incorporated into the healing process.

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The Mind

Exciting advances in neuroscience demonstrate the brain’s ability to change and create more inner-peace, contentment, and confidence. Dr. Fuller uses a variety of relaxation, mindfulness, and awareness techniques to take advantage of the brain’s innate resiliency, including EMDR and hypnosis deep state training.

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 The Heart

We were created for connection. Usually our darkest and most joyful moments involve those who are closest to us. Our partners, family, and friends can provide us with support, safety, and security and sometimes these relationships create pain, isolation, anxiety, and even desperation. The emotional aspects of well-being are essential to healthy relationships and personal growth. In couples or family therapy, Dr. Fuller will facilitate a healing process where these important connections can be restored and strengthened.

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Many people spend a large fraction of time in their heads lost in worry, fear, or sadness. Sometimes people fixate on past experiences or in dread of future anticipations…wandering through life unaware, detached and purposeless. In cases of severe trauma,  unconscious wounds and triggers can create complex conflict within the body and prevent relationships from progressing in healthy ways.person icon parent and child

Our bodies bear the burden of stress we experience in life.  Usually the way our bodies express these connections is outside of our awareness. In other words, we don’t typically link physical symptoms with relational, emotional, or even mental difficulty.  Through particular proven practices and interventions, the mind, heart and body can find new ways of working together to create  a deeper sense of wholeness and completeness.

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The Soul

Not all therapists will address spiritual issues within the therapeutic setting. Dr. Fuller believes fully in the strength and resillence found in the faith and beliefs of her clients. When appropriate, Dr. Fuller will integrate spiritual concepts into the healing process, based on the self-disclosed beliefs of the client.


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