Couples, Trauma

and Sex Therapy

Direct and compassionate therapy to help you be a better you

We want our life to have meaning and purpose. We want to thrive, live fully awake and enjoy our relationships.

In spite of our best efforts or intentions, sometimes we hit gridlock and don’t know how to move forward. When this happens a tendency can be to avoid, live in fear, isolation or dread and not really enjoy our lives or loved ones. This fuels hopelessness and uncertainty about how to face the fear, pain or difficulty.

As a couples, trauma and sex therapist with 25 years experience, I know how hard it is to face these difficulties. I have the unique honor of walking alongside brave and courageous individuals and couples as they strive to become better than they are, overcome what feels overwhelming, become who they dare dream of becoming and develop the strength to love well.

“You don’t have to live in a state of fear or struggle. If you are brave enough to reach out, you will have taken the first step toward freedom and waking up to a full life. You’ve created the possibility of change and growth to become a better you.”