Many couples struggle to have a vibrant sex life. This can lead to feeling hopeless for ever achieving the kind of romantic relationship they desire. Three quarters of couples experience some kind of sexual difficulty at some point in their life.  A lot of times, the response is to ignore these issues hoping it will just improve. Yet, unaddressed these issues tend to get worse, not better.  

Dr. Amy Fuller , a certified sex therapist, provides a unique view and approach to working with couples with sexual difficulty.  The sexual crucible approach is a growth model aimed at personal development and reaching one’s sexual potential.  Through a unique process customized to your specific relationship, Dr. Fuller works with couples to understand themselves and each other in ways that opens up new ways of functioning in and out of the bedroom. 

Professional sex therapy invites a neutral clinician into the unique components of your relationship allowing the opportunity to find new ways of interacting and managing challenges. Dr. Amy Fuller, and licensed marriage and family therapist, offers a different kind of couples therapy. Her intensive and direct approach has helped many when traditional therapy failed.  Schedule an appointment today.