Dr. Fuller integrates advances in neuroscience, family therapy, and compassion in creating a personalized treatment plan for each client. Therapy is highly individualized for the unique person, couple and situation. Therapy with Dr. Fuller will focus on growth in developing four points of balance: a solid flexible self, calm heart and quiet mind, grounded responding and meaningful endurance.

Dr. Fuller’s patients describe her as warm, easy to talk to and a great listener, but also as one who “tells it like it is” in a direct compassionate style. 

The science of the mind and relationships has advanced to where we now know what is most effective in helping clients and couples achieve real and lasting change. Dr. Fuller utilzes state-of-the-art, evidenced-based practices and techniques to help her patients reach their goals, grow as individuals and discover deeper peace, joy, and meaning in life.  

Dr. Fuller is a differentiation-based systemic therapist relying heavily upon the Sexual Crucible approach to therapy developed by Dr. David Schnarch. This approach emphasizes each persons willingness to grow and potential to relate to themselves and others in more honest and compassionate ways. 

Through particular proven practices and interventions, the mind, heart and body can find new ways of working together to create a deeper sense of wholeness and completeness.