The “Full Life”…Reflections on Growth, Happiness and Hope

We all hold the ideals of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” dear to our hearts. The hope of a long life, freedom and the potential of “feeling” happy motivates many to achieve more, overcome great adversity and dream big dreams.

I wonder if happiness really is the goal. Happiness is by nature a fleeting and momentary emotional experience. I would posit true happiness to be much deeper, flowing from an inner sense of peace, joy and contentment.

In my work as a family therapist, I have observed many people experience profound blocks to happiness, much less a deep sense of joy, love, and faith. These blocks are usually rooted in unmet needs, emotional wounds or relationship struggles. A therapeutic environment is a professional place where these hurts can be healed. Long-standing behavioral patterns or negative perceptions can be unearthed through strategic intervention, compassionate listening, and therapeutic approaches creating open space for a more meaningful life. Read more…

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